Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Raleigh Regional Center

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4900 Waters Edge Drive Raleigh, NC 27606

Telephone Numbers and Contact Information

Telephone 1:
(919) 859-8526 Main Number

Telephone 2:
(800) 999-5737 Toll free Voice/ TTY

Telephone 3:
(919) 890-0858 Video Phone

(919) 233-7083

Web Page:

Program Details

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM
Eligibility: For hearing aids, weather alert radios, or captel phones, client must be a NC resident and meet income guidelines.
Fees: No fees
Intake Process: Call or e-mail
Service Area: 17-county catchment area which includes the Triangle and surrounding counties

Program Description:

Information and referral, advocacy, assistive device information and help in obtaining interpreting services. Also provide awareness training, diversity training, and presentations on hearing loss or deaf culture. Can provide telecommunications access via assistive telephone equipment and/ or hearing aids to eligible clients through their Equipment Distribution Service. Client is assessed at the regional center and may be referred to an approved audiologist for evaluation. If client can use a hearing aid with a "T-coil", which enhances hearing on the telephone, program can pay for it. Limited to paying for only one aid, not two. Jeff Greer is the Deaf Services Specialist; Lawrence Shockey is the Interpreter Consultant; Merri Schemerhorn is the Communication Accessibility Services Specialist; Martina Moore-Reid is the Telecommunications Specialist regarding NC Telecommunications Distribution program; Kay Satterwhite is the Hard of Hearing Specialist. Ashley Benton, LCSW is their Deaf-Blind Specialist. A statewide directory of interpreters and guidelines for hiring an interpreter can be found at:

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