Wake Coordinated Transportation Services/ MV Transit

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1430 S. Blount Street Raleigh, NC 27603

Telephone Numbers and Contact Information

Telephone 1:
(919) 996-3452 MV Dispatch (Ride Right)

Telephone 2:
(919) 996-3436 David Levesque, Wake County Mobility Mgr

Telephone 3:
( ) -

( ) -

Web Page: None Listed

Program Details

Eligibility: Must be enrolled through a participating agency such as Resources for Seniors or Wake County Human Services.
Intake Process:
Service Area: Wake County

Program Description:

WCTS is a county agency which coordinates transportation services for a variety of Wake County agencies. MV Transit is the private transportation company which is their primary transportation provider. WCTS/ MV Transit contracts with agencies only and provides NO private-pay services to individuals. WCTS, using MV Transit, provides medical transportation for Medicaid, dialysis, and Resources for Seniors' medical/ grocery/ nutrition transportation. The phone numbers above are at the MV Transit office, which is now contracted to Ride Right, and are used only when there are problems with previously-scheduled services or client pick-ups, not to enroll in a service.

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